About Our Distributorship

At Idiaro Water, we continue to expand to be present in all the major parts fo Kwara state by creating a strong chain of partnership that benefits all. Each of our distributors have are presented with unique winning opportunities that will enable them to win over the market wherever they are.

Below are some of the amazing benefits of becoming our distributor:

Heightened Focus
When you have one main product to concern yourself with, your focus is streamlined. Your team learns the ins and outs of the market and everyone on the staff remains attentive. Furthermore, you no longer need to spend time and energy competing with other distributors because they don’t sell the same products you do. Your distribution base is secured and all you have to do is service the market and your customers.

Increased Availability
Sole Distributors have unlimited potential as their need increases. It’s possible to stock more inventory so you are easily accessible to your customers.

Higher Profits
You have a competitive edge in your area. When you strike a deal with us that causes you to become the only provider in your area, you have the exclusivity that sets you apart from other companies. This allows you to create valuable price points and you never have to worry about being undersold by a competitor who carries the same brand and product.

Support from Company
Typical businesses deal with customer complaints on a regular basis and they are left to handle these alone. When they attempt to reach out to a supplier about a product, they are treated like a number and aren’t valued. When you have an exclusive partnership with us, you don’t have to handle these problems alone. Don’t spend your valuable time dealing with customer service nightmares or lost revenue; we have your back. If a question arises with a product we’ve sold, we will protect you. This ensures that you remain in good standing with your customers and can focus your energy on more important aspects of running your business.

Become Our Distributor