Idiaro Water

Idiaro Water is not just an ordinary bottle of water. Each drop of our water is a promise of goodness, that goes through rigorous water treatment processes. Our premium water is being produced under the best hygienic conditions in line with global best practices in the food and beverage industry.


NAFDAC E1-5220 & E1-5003L

Pregnant Woman

Clean Water plays an essential role in the life of every pregnant woman and her baby. The quality of the water consumed at this period is crucial and a determining factor to the health status of the baby and that of the mother.

Healthy Aging

The need for greater care of your body especially as you get older cannot be over-emphasized. Aging well means staying well hydrated all day long, by drinking water that is devoid of impurities.

Staying Hydrated

Water is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly.